WordCamp Birmingham 2016

I had the wonderful opportunity to be a volunteer for WordCamp Birmingham 2016 last year. There were many meetups involved, and a lot of great people dedicated a great deal of their free time to helping foster the growth of the development community in our city. I learned a great deal from the experience, and my duties included everything graphic design related—from stickers, lanyards, logos and the website, to t-shirts, posters and email templates. I really enjoyed designing everything from the ground up and seeing the design flow to all the various touch points of the conference. My favorite piece that came from all of this was the Vulcan calligram featured on the posters and front of the t-shirts. It took a while to arrange the 200+ words into the iconic bust of Vulcan which has been a staple of Birmingham’s skyline since long before I was born. Can’t wait for WordCamp 2017!