Kemp Management Solutions Website

Go a step further from project management, and you’ll come to program management. Kemp Management Solutions works with clients in banking, higher education and healthcare sectors to offer extensive experience in sustainability, design management, program management and construction management. Just like Kemp Management Solutions, I work with clients in many different industries and offer solutions and industry knowledge to craft the best online marketing image possible. For Kemp, I designed and developed a simple informational website to act as a pre-handshake handshake. We live in a world where “who you know” trumps “what you know.” Kemp’s website is an invitation to get to know their leadership, credentials and capabilities. It doesn’t say anything more than it needs to, and leaves the ball in the potential client’s court. In the 21st century, no business can afford live without a website. From a technical standpoint, I used jQuery to power both the custom galleries and a great contact/vendor form, and I also used cutting-edge CSS3 styles to make the website pop on modern browsers.