Huebris is the design company I created in 2008. Originally it was going to be VisualQ, but I didn’t secure the domain when I had the chance. I created three pages of potential company names and they were all taken online. I couldn’t find a .com TLD to save my life. was taken! I think it will probably turn into a dating website. Alas, my roommate and I were bouncing ideas around, and I had exhausted every possible variant of Pixar, from Pixelle to Pixette and nothing was working. It was about that time that I was thinking along the Rhythm and Hues lines, and my roommate through out Huebris. I laughed it off, but then thought…wait a minute. Then I thought, “No, you can’t name your business pride!” Then I thought, what a conversation starter! All it needed was a good tagline. “Our business is your pride.” After that, it was official! The inaugural logo (included here) was fun and different, but not very portable. The gradient made it clunky to be sure. After a few years, I got some down time with my client work load and rebranded. Hey, if nVidia can name their company after the latin root for envy, I can name my design business pride!