Fairway Investments Website

This website, built on WordPress, brings together a portfolio of properties across the Southern United States for Fairway Investments. Using custom post types, Fairway employees can manage the staff profiles, properties and layout of the entire website. On the fly, they can create a new property category which visitors to the website can sort by. The property map is robust, and the individual property pages can be as detailed as Fairway needs, including Google Maps and PDF links to supporting literature or site plans for the property.

The site also includes a 3-tiered navigation menu. This makes navigation simple and intuitive, and relays perfectly where the visitor is in the website. It also reduces convolution between say Investment Philosophy > Development page and the Retail > Development page.

The design work was very involved on this project. I came in as the second designer on the project, and when you aren’t the first, you know the client can be very stubborn. The gallery shots you see above are actual screen grabs from the finished project. This is one of the web design projects for which I am particularly pleased.